Gondo Marathon on the Simplon Pass in Valais (CH)

Two-day double marathon - ultra, familiar, unique!

To commemorate 14 October 2000, when a huge landslide buried the small village of Gondo on the Simplon Pass and 13 people lost their lives, the international Gondo Marathon has been held every year since 2002 on the first weekend in August. It is a two-day race over a total distance of 84 km and 4200 metres of altitude. There is also a mountain marathon over the marathon distance and a 28 km race. The Gondo Marathon is a family trail race away from the big crowds with a lot of heart and soul among the runners and helpers! 


Latest news

Finish on the Briger Stadtplatz

For the 20th anniversary

On Saturday, as always, the start will be in Gondo, but for once the finish will not be in Ried-Brig but in the centre of Brig. For the anniversary, the runners will run through the Stockalperhof after crossing the Saltina Gorge and will be welcomed in the town square of Brig.


Gondo Marathon on 6/7 August

News for the anniversary

The Gondo Marathon celebrates its 20th edition this year. For the anniversary, the finish line will be moved to the town square in Brig on Saturday. In addition, a relay race will be offered, in which the team members themselves decide how to split the distance.


Double marathon / Marathon

On the first day, you run from Gondo through the imposing Gondo Gorge to Simplon village, then to the Simplon Pass and the highest point on the Bistinen Pass (2417 m above sea level), into the Nanz Valley and through the Saltina Gorge to Brig. In memory of the first event in 2002, when the bridge was swept away by the storms, the mountain stream is crossed 2 km before the finish (secured by the fire brigade).

On the second day, the route leads from Ried-Brig along the legendary Stockalperweg and the Talweg Ganter to the Simplonpass, then down to Simplon-Dorf and Gabi, where a steep climb to the Furggu awaits. Through the Zwischbergental valley back to Gondo.

Mostly you walk on single trails, again and again on alpine paths and only very rarely on asphalt. You experience wild valleys, sparse mountain forests, colourful flower meadows, alpine pastures and southern-looking pine forests.

The first day can also be run as a single marathon (on Saturday).

For the anniversary, a relay is offered in which the team members themselves decide how to split the distance.

Gondo Running / Plausch

The Gondo Plausch and the Gondo Running lead from Ried-Brig along the Stockalperweg over the Simplon Pass and through the Gondo Gorge to Gondo. The route measures 28 km and has 1400 m of ascent and descent. At the Gondo Plausch you can walk (with or without poles) or jog. There is no ranking list, only an alphabetical list of finishers (with times). Gondo Running is a "normal" competition with different age categories, rankings and prizes for the fastest. The Gondo Running counts towards the Upper Valais Running Cup and the Valais Mountain Running Cup.

Gondo Kids Run

A highlight is always the children's run on Sunday afternoon in Gondo. From the finish of the Gondo Marathon, the course leads steeply uphill to the church of Gondo. Then it's back down through a small forest to a grassy area. The kids run across this grassy area - cheered on by their parents and other spectators - back to the finish. The younger ones run one lap (800 m), the older ones two laps (1600 m). The Kids Run is part of the Oberwalliser Laufcup.