Finish on the Briger Stadtplatz

For the 20th anniversary

On Saturday, as always, the start will be in Gondo, but for once the finish will not be in Ried-Brig but in the centre of Brig. For the anniversary, the runners will run through the Stockalperhof after crossing the Saltina Gorge and will be welcomed in the town square of Brig.

This closes the circle. After the storm in Gondo, the then mayor of Brig, Roland Squaratti, and long-distance runner Sepp Schnyder came up with the Gondo Marathon together on the town square during a fundraising campaign for the stricken Gondo. Since then, the Gondo Marathon has always taken place on the first weekend in August.

"Gondo should live again" was therefore the motto of the 1st Gondo event. In fact, the two-day run at the beginning of August 2002 brought the first village festival since the catastrophe! 50 runners brought life back to the village with their sporting commitment, their enthusiasm and their will to persevere.

PS: The dinner on Saturday evening and the start on Sunday will take place as usual in/at the school building in Ried-Brig.